Prof. Dr. Catalina Poiana

“C.I. Parhon” Institute of Endocrinology, “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, President of Physicians’ College of Bucharest, Romania
Prof. Dr. Catalina Poiana

University Professor, Chief of the Discipline of Endocrinology at the Faculty of Medicine, "Carol Davila" University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Bucharest (UMF CD)

Primary endocrinologist, National Institute of Endocrinology "C.I. Parhon”, Bucharest (NIE CIP)

Vice-rector for post-graduate education at UMF CD since March 2016;

President of the Medical College of Bucharest, since December 2015

Certificate of qualification, in the field of doctoral university studies and member in PHD commissions of several universities in Romania.

Coordination of medical activity, scientific and clinical research, as well as didactic as Head of Pathology Pituitary and Neuroendocrine Section of NIE CIP (December 2011 - July 2016)

Medical activity in the field of endocrinology for patients hospitalized in the tertiary care center specialty, as well as for patients in the specialized outpatient hospital at the NIE CIP.

Participation at specialized courses for clinical trials about Good Clinical Practices for Investigators (GCP) and Rave 5.6 EDC Essentials for Clinical Research Coordinators" .

Scientific and research activity: conducting national and international grants, as well as clinical trials. Main areas of interest and competencies: osteoporosis and bone metabolic diseases, menopause, neuroendocrine and endocrine tumors, aging.

Member of the Internal Approval Commissions of the clinical studies and of the reports from the research contracts as well as of the Pharmacovigilance Commission of the NIE CIP.

Member of several national and international medical associations and societies.

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