Ada Alexandra Georgescu

Personal Advisor to the Secretary of State Dr. Dan Octavian Alexandrescu at the Romanian Health Ministry, Romania
Ada Alexandra Georgescu

Mrs. Ada Alexandra Georgescu is a senior pharmacist having a license in Pharmacy and a Master Degree in Pharmaceutical Technologies at Pharmacy Faculty of “Iuliu Hatieganu” University from Cluj Napoca.

In 2008, she started to cooperate with the National Medicines Agency (ANMDMR) from the beginning of her career during her residency in Pharmaceutical Laboratory specialty, working as quality scientific assessor in the Evaluation and Authorization Department, assessing the quality documentation of the dossiers submitted for approval of Marketing Authorization.

After a short period as regulatory officer in a Romanian Pharmaceutical Company, in 2011 she was appointed at ANMDMR as Head of the European Procedures Unit and a CMDh member. Later in 2018, she started to act also as Advisor to the President of ANMDMR on Pharmaceutical issues, and alternate member of HMA and EMA MB.

Starting with January 2019, she is the personal advisor to the Secretary of State Dr. Dan Octavian Alexandrescu at the Romanian Health Ministry.

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